I arrived by mistake and had one of the best meals I ever had. The portions were enough for two people. I think I had chicken Barg
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The salmon and rice is such a delicious dish. The herbs on the rice perfectly blends and I know I will be craving for this. The pastry are also great. The workers are super polite. And although we live far from this place, we'll surely come back!
This place was such a charming little place. We weren't sure about what some of the dishes were, and the owner was glad to give us samples of them, and gave us samples of some desserts as well. The food we got came in huge portions, definitely big enough to share, and was delicious. The owner came by with extra crispy rice for us as well. It was overall a very pleasant experience, and I'll definitely be going back to try some of the other items on their menu!
I am so happy that a Persian market is back in this little corner! I used to come here very frequently before it became Saffron Food Mart, but I will definitely be coming here to support the new market. The food is delicious, customer service is a blessing here, and the renovation makes the market enjoyable to walk through. Again, people here make it very inclusive, so curious eaters should peep their heads to try casual Persian food and see the variety of produce. Lastly, thank you so much to the market for the delicious fesenjun and kashk bademjun!
What a cute grocery shop and casual restaurant. This place just opened and it is a great addition to the South Bay. It has very fresh produce, fruits, vegetables, spices, and Persian goods, including fresh naan (bread), baked goods, deli, meats and bakery section. It also includes a casual restaurant in the back where you can order anything from souos, sandwiches, kabobs to Persian stews. We tried the gheimeh (stew with eggplant), the ash reshte (thick soup with noodles and fried onions), koobideh (ground beef kabob skewer) and barg (filet mignon). Everything was very good but the barg and ash were really great. The owner was super friendly and offered us (along with all customers) free Persian tea with sweets after our meal. The meal also came with a small side of yogurt and torshi (pickled vegetables). The staff was very friendly and welcoming. We will definitely be back to both shop and eat (or order take out food). Great addition!
What a great Persian market! Koobideh and Kashkeh Bademjan was delicious! Perfect rice and beef seasoning! The owner was very friendly and I will be back soon to try other dishes!
This place is amazing for Persian takeout. Chicken koobideh is wonderful. The guy who owns it is super friendly and everything we had was delicious
Great new Persian market in the area!!! They have all the essentials for Persian cooking as this area of Los Angeles appears to have a large demographic...awesome!!! They have legitimate Persian goods that are imported and can't find anywhere, a DELICIOUS and tantalizing array of pastries including whole cakes for purchase. I ordered their ghormeh sabzi, one of my all time favorite stews, and their koobideh (ground meat skewers) and they were really really great! Juicy meat, fluffy rice that was perfectly prepared and not oily, the stew was the beautiful dark green color that it should be with deep flavors of grandmothers naturally I'll be back when I come back into town and hope people come here! It's really great. They have seating inside and outside, not much but enough, so I treated myself to some dates and hot tea before hitting the road. The dates were even fresh and melt in your mouth good! Most Persian spots give you dried ones where the skins partially off cause it's cracked and just dry that you have to put some force behind your bite but these were just peel off good! This place is a little gem family owned spot and I hope they continue to kill it!!!
Simply amazing. Only place in the South Bay for casual Persian food. I've tried the chicken koobideh, beef koobideh and the Barg kabob...all were very good. I preferred the koobideh slightly over the barg but I wouldnt think twice about ordering it. Meats were super juicy, rice was fluffy and the guy behind the counter was nice enough to answer more than a few questions. I pass by here a couple times a week so I will definitely be a regular. I haven't bought anything from the market yet but they seem to have all the basics including fresh meats needed for most Persian or Middle Eastern dishes...
This place is a wonderful new Torrance neighborhood business. My lunch there was amazing. I had the chicken shish kabob and the chicken was amazingly tender and seasoned beautifully. Rice was fresh and seasoned to perfection. The wonderful thing about this place is that when you enter there are fresh breads and vegetables, then a variety of canned and jarred goods that have a variety of spices and hard to find ingredients, then in the back is where they cook the wonderful meals and have the meats and chicken. I love dates and they have dates at a great price. They have a lovely small bakery area with cookies and cakes, but we didn't have a chance to get anything there, but it looked lovely. It is on PCh/Sepulveda and need very close to the back of the Black Bear Diner in Torrance. We love supporting small local businesses and we will definitely be back!
Just stumbled across this newly opened authentic Persian eatery and market while getting our car's oil changed next door at Valvoline. Stopped in and ordered lunch at their hot deli counter. Absolutely wonderful Persian food, unlike anything I've eaten before. I love Middle Eastern food and usually settle for the usual suspects in the South Bay, which aren't bad... but Saffron blows them all away by far. I'm not an expert in authentic Persian food, but it's obvious this place is the real deal. We never heard of many of the items on their menu, and the staff let us sample a few items, all very complex flavors that blended together perfectly. I ordered a hearty vegetarian dish, and my GF ordered the chicken kabob. Both were delicious. They served us on paper plates at one of their few inside tables (there's also some outdoors seating), and brought over a nice plate of pita, and packets of a Persian spice called Sumac as well. We also shared one of their pastries from their bakery. They also have a small but nice Persian market stocked with all sorts of hard to find food items and spices. Nice family run business that should gain popularity. I plan to be a regular customer. It kinda hard to find, the entrance is in the back, not on PCH. It's tucked in between the adjacent hair salon and KFC, corner of PCH and Neece.